Business After 5

Build relationships with fellow business people.

Business After 5 (BA5) events are a great place to meet new people, make new contacts, promote your business, and talk with other business people facing the same challenges as you. All are welcomed and invited to attend. Hors d’ oeurves and beverages are provided. A business card raffle and joker’s jackpot drawing occur at approximately 6pm. The jackpot continues to grow until the joker card is drawn! Your entry fee is included with through Ed/Glen Chamber membership dues investment, and the entry fee for guests is $10 per person.

Attending business after hours events is a wonderful opportunity to mingle with friends and establish relationships with newcomers. Remember, people do business with those they know, like, respect and trust.

Host a BA5 event.

You joined the Ed/Glen Chamber to help your business grow. Hosting a business after hours event is an excellent way to showcase your business! 2016 BA5 events are booked, but if you'd like to be added to the list of potential 2017 BAH hosts, email Kerry.

Contact the chamber office at (618) 656-7600 for more information.

Make the most of your BA5 event.

Develop a 'sales mentality' toward your event. Don't think of this as just another party for your chamber friends. This is your chance to give a positive impression to a large group of influential people and prospective customers for little expense.

Publicize, publicize, publicize! Make sure everyone knows your event is going to be a good one. Issue personal invitations to key community members. Get a calling tree in operation on the day of the event as a reminder.

Find ways to make your guests feel comfortable. Make sure guests have a neatly printed name tag. If newcomers arrive allone, have an employee on hand to introduce them to others. Urge guests to partake of refreshments and snacks. Offer tours if appropriate. Get rid of tables and chairs to encourage mingling. Attitude is key - be friendly and outgoing!

Surround your guests with images of your business. Create a large welcome poster or banner with your business/organization name or logo. Display or demonstrate a unique product or service that will stick in guests' minds. Urge guests to pick up your coupon, flyer or brochure on the way out. Collect business cards to streamline the follow-up call process.

Put some effort into a welcome speech. When given the opportunity to address your guests, be sure to give a brief history of your business/organization, introduce owners and employees, describe your best products or services, and reveal goals for the future. Don't be afraid to brad a bit about the things of which you are most proud. Keep the speech under five minutes. Close by thanking guests for coming, and encourage their future patronage.

Ignore your friends! Does this sound cruel? Most of us feel more comfortable with people we already know, so we tend to hide out with them in small conversational circles. The purpose of a networking mixer is to meet new people, make new contacts, and promote your business. Rehearse a quick, two to three sentence description of your business that clearly explains what you do, and what sets you apart from your competitors. Keep plenty of business cards handy, loose in your pocket. Brief chats, not hour-long sales calls, should be utilized. If someone is interested, take their business card and promise to call them the next day. Make the most of food and beverage lines - they're a great place to strike up conversation!

Remember, people do business with people they know and trust. If you think about it, isn't it easier for you to refer someone to a business with which you're familiar? To a person you've met? The reverse holds true for referrals to YOUR business.

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